Kammas Trading

About Kammas Trading

Kammas Trading was formed in 2002 out of a need for experienced risk management as an alternative for FX brokers who are looking to staff a desk of experienced traders in the most efficient and cost- effective way. In choosing where to take your FX business, consider this: the Kammas team is made up of experienced FX dealers - each with decades of experience on major FX bank desks - who have been working together for many years. Our fully equipped trading desk is staffed, well connected and ready to manage your risk from day one.

Our founder, Carl Elsammak, has worked in the FX industry for over 20 years, always with specific focus on managing risk. Our professional staff of highly successful FX inter-bank dealers, collectively has over a century of experience managing billions of dollars of institutional trade flow and risk for many of Wall Street’s largest firms including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, BNP, Bank Austria, West LB, Bank of New York, Lehman Brothers, and Prudential; and each with the responsibility for producing millions of dollars in revenue annually. We employ a highly respected staff with considerable industry experience and solid reputations, ensuring unequaled service.